Proper pretreatment of the parts to be coated is critical to support good powder adhesion. One of the most critical areas is laser scale (oxidation produced from laser cutting metal). We use a phosphate free acidic solution in stage one that removes this oxide and allows the powder to adhere directly to the base metal, ensuring paint durability.

E.K. Machine closely oversees each pretreatment stage with an automatically computerized titration monitoring system that ensures consistent titration levels.

Our 8 Stage Pretreatment Process Includes:

  1. Laser scale removal stage
  2. City water rinse
  3. Alkaline cleaner
  4. City water rinse
  5. City water rinse
  6. TMC coating (Transition Metal Coating)
  7. Reverse osmosis rinse
  8. Non-chrome sealer

This is an environmentally friendly phosphate free pretreatment system.