Celebrating 50 Years of EK

EK started as a custom machine shop working with local businesses back in 1970. Through our commitment to hard work, quality products, and our incredible team, we have grown into an industry-leading, state-of-the-art contract manufacturing and power products business.

And We’re Just Getting Started

The team at EK has learned a lot over the last 50 years. We learned that treating our customers like neighbors builds our business. That putting quality into every step of our processes leads to outstanding products. And that if we invest and believe in our team, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. We’re taking everything we’ve learned so far and putting it all towards the next 50 years.

EK Building
EK Colors Logo

New Look, Same Quality Work

One of our biggest goals for our 50-year anniversary was to give our brand a new look that represents who we are and what we do. It was important that we honor our past to create something that will propel us into the future. Our new logo has unified our core contract manufacturing business and our newest power products line under the singular and strong title: EK. Our new brand colors amplify our values of dependability, practicality, quality, and achievement while offering a fresh take on our original color palette.

Our New Logo

We modernized the iconic EK trailer element in our old logo by moving from a set of curved lines to more straightforward, assertive, and bold line work. We moved the trailer element from below the letters “EK” and chose to embed it directly in our business name, marking the bedrock of our company. Each letter pushes forward, matching the movement of the trailer mark, signifying our continuous growth and innovation. Every element of EK’s new logo comes together to show where we started: working with transportation trailers in the agricultural industry, to where we’ve come: a full-scale, state-of-the-art contract manufacturing business.

EK White Logo
EK Launch LandingPage WebMockUp

Experience Our New Website

EK’s new logo and color palette were used as inspiration for the design of our new website. Like our logo, we wanted to modernize our website to truly represent our advanced and diverse capabilities. We hosted two photo and video shoots, interviewed our team members, and captured everything that makes EK the best contract manufacturing business in the industry.

EK’s new website features photos of our facilities, equipment, and team with custom content that’s been researched and optimized to provide our new and existing clients with exactly the information they are looking for, right when they need it. The design, structure, and function of our new website is best in class and stands out among our competition.

EK on Film

To help develop our business further and mark how far we’ve come, we created two new videos that we’ll use in our social media, online, and in our interaction with the public. Our new video, EK – Moving Your Business Forward, highlights our work ethic, our emphasis on quality, and our capabilities with eye-catching footage and team interviews to help educate potential customers. Our second video, Build Your Career with EK, focuses on bringing in new talent to make our team even better.

To the Next 50 Years

As we set our focus on growing our business, our team, and our capabilities for the next 50 years, we cannot be more thankful for everything our team has done. Their time, talent, and energy help make EK what it is. We are so proud of everything we’ve done together and look forward to our continued growth as a team.

50th Anniversary EK Logo