EK Forming Capabilities

EK is home to a number of forming machines that can produce a wide array of required shapes. Through the expertise of our team of expert manufacturers, EK can develop parts and components to meet complex configurations. Our close tolerance brake presses can form a variety of sizes and lengths to meet the needs of several industrial applications. With proper tooling, our team can form ½ rounds, offsets, and larger vent louvers to meet your specifications.


EK Forming Equipment Includes:

EK offers a wide range of fabrication and machining capabilities to provide our customers with total manufacturing solutions for their products. Our forming equipment includes:

  • Medium weight brake presses with close tolerance back gauging (242 ton/7 axis and 165 ton/5 axis) to form up to 14 ft. lengths.
  • Lighter weight brake presses with close tolerance back gauging (90 ton/5 axis and 30 ton/3 axis) to form up to 8 ft. lengths.
  • 14’ 350-ton brake press
  • Large scale panel bender
Forming 2
Forming 2
Forming 3
Forming 4



Our laser cutting is available on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We can punch standard cut-outs, raised louvers, and extruded holes to accommodate self-tapping screws.

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Our equipment includes the latest in CNC sheet metal rolling capability with 12-foot capacity. This roll is capable of rolling 7 gauge mild steel 144in. long into a 14in. inside diameter.

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