Your Single Source Partner for Production Machining and Fabrication in the OEM Marketplace

Our advanced complete manufacturing facilities span over 200,000 square feet and include state-of-the-art equipment. With a team of over 200 expert manufacturers, we offer production across three shifts to provide effective production solutions and to keep products moving. Our adaptable production environment allows EK to provide quality, end-to-end turnkey components and assemblies all in one place.

EK Complete Manufacturing Solutions

Production Machining

Our EK facilities are equipped with 17 machining and turning centers that include advanced 5 axis machining capabilities. These machining and turning centers allow EK to accommodate a robust range of materials as well as a wide ranging variety of component sizes. Our advanced technology, experienced manufacturers and quality at the source approach to quality assurance help guarantee tight tolerance weldments that meet strict requirements.

Production Machining Capabilities


EK’s full service, in-house capabilities provide our customers with complete fabricated, machined, and finished weldments specifically designed to meet their specifications. Our parts are formed, welded, machined (if required), and powder coated or plated to provide you with a dock to stock bolt-on subassembly to your product.

 Fabrication Capabilities



Every welder at EK is qualified to AWS D1.1 certification in GMAW in several positions to ensure maximum quality and output. Our in-house Certified Weld Inspectors and Certified Welding Educators ensure our welders are qualified and that each of our welding processes has been completed and fully documented.

 Welding Capabilities

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that provides a high-quality, durable, baked-on, protective, and decorative finish while offering maximized production, improved efficiency, and simplified environmental compliance.

Powder Coating Capabilities



Our talented team of manufacturers perform a number of post-fabrication and machining assembly processes to complete our end-to-end total manufacturing solutions. Our assembly services help you balance outsourcing and in-house production during the life of your product to eliminate time and resource waste and enhance production capacity.

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Testing & Inspection

At EK, we strive to surpass quality standards throughout the manufacturing process. Through active participation from our manufacturing experts, in-process inspections, and final product inspections under ISO 9001:2015 guidelines, we ensure every product meets or exceeds customer specifications and expectations. Our facilities include three main temperature-controlled QA labs with several machine operator QA stations throughout our manufacturing facility.

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Complete Manufacturing Project Gallery

Explore a cross-section of production, manufacturing, and fabricating capabilities in our project gallery.

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