At EK, we proudly offer full-service, in-house manufacturing capabilities to provide our customers with fully-fabricated, machined, and finished weldments that meet strict and complex specifications. We can laser cut raw stock from either sheet or plate. All our parts are formed, welded, machined (if required), and powder coated at our facilities to offer quality subassemblies for diverse products. From the dock to stock, EK delivers bolt-on subassemblies to meet even the most demanding requirements.


EK Fabrication Equipment

EK is home to diverse fabrication equipment and systems that create a comprehensive mix of fiber and CO2 lasers which allow us to efficiently cut all thickness and material types. Some examples include:

  • 8000W Fiber Optic Lasers with auto load and unload
  • 4000w CO2 lasers
  • 3300w CO2 lasers
  • 2500w CO2 lasers
  • 4000w Fiber Optic lasers
  • 25-ton high-speed punches
  • Brake presses ranging from a 3′-30 ton to a 14′-350 ton
  • Tumbling and deburring capabilities

Typical Fabrications

Our expert manufacturers, project management team, and engineers are well-versed in diverse fabrications for several applications including:

  • Cabinets and enclosures
  • Panels and covers
  • Guards and vents
  • Heavy weldment components
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Fabrication Capabilities


Our laser cutting is available on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We can punch standard cut-outs, raised louvers, and extruded holes to accommodate self-tapping screws.

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EK has close tolerance brake presses to form a variety of sizes and lengths. With proper tooling, we can form 1/2 rounds, offsets, and larger vent louvers to your specifications.

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Our equipment includes the latest in CNC sheet metal rolling capability with 12-foot capacity. This roll is capable of rolling 7 gauge mild steel 144 in. long into a 14 in. inside diameter.

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