The Benefits of Powder Coating

EK’s advanced facilities include a dedicated powder coating environment designed to accommodate both repetitive batch and large-scale parts and components. Our rigorous 8-step cleaning process, environmentally friendly bonding capabilities, and automated and manual applications work together to ensure even and uniform finishes for all products.

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It’s Durable – powder-coated surfaces are incredibly resistant to chipping, scratches, fading, and general wear due to use. The color remains much brighter and more vibrant than other finishing processes.

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It Can Replicate Any Color – powder coating offers unlimited color options through both standard formulas and custom mixtures. The durable nature of powder coating also means the colors won’t fade over time.

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It’s Environmentally Friendly – unlike other finishing techniques, powder coating relies on electrostatic application rather than liquid painting with solvents. Many of these solvents have pollutants of volatile organic compounds, known as VOC’s. Powder coating does not contain any solvents and releases very negligible amounts of VOCs into the atmosphere, making it a low impact, environmentally friendly finishing process.


The Powder Coating Process

Powder coating is a dry finishing process using finely ground particles of pigment and resin. The particles are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto electrically grounded metal parts. The charged powder particles adhere to the parts and are held there until melted and fused into a smooth surface coating in a curing oven.

Before coating, the parts are cleaned and pretreated through an 8-Stage Pretreatment Process in-line with the coating and curing operations. The powder may be a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer that creates a hard finish paint, which is tougher than conventional paint. The durability and longevity of powder coating makes it an ideal finish for a wide variety of applications and environments, perfectly balancing appearance and function.

Our Powder Coating Equipment Includes:

  • 1,100 ft. in-line overhead conveyor system to handle part sizes up to 46 in. x 46 in. x 120 in. x 600 lbs.
  • 8-Stage Pretreatment Process
  • Curing oven and cool down chamber
  • Wastewater treatment systems to neutralize chemicals, clean output water and concentrate solids for disposal



Our carefully calibrated pretreatment process is specifically designed to ensure the long-term durability, uniformity, and reliability of our powder-coated finishes.

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EK’s proprietary application process can be formulated to withstand higher temperatures, elevated salt spray, UV fade, and chemical resistance to accommodate a wide variety of client needs.

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Our world-class powder coating finishes can now be applied on large scale parts spanning 8 ft. wide, 10 ft. tall, and 20 ft. long.

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