Precision Manufacturing for Custom Parts, Components, Weldments, and Assemblies

At EK, we specialize in custom, complex manufacturing for one-off and repetitive production of parts, components, weldments, and assemblies. As a premier OEM manufacturer and power generation system packaging pioneer, we work to deliver unique products that meet or exceed our customer expectations. Our advanced capabilities, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced and trained staff ensure our ability to design, develop, test, and produce complex pieces with efficient, accurate, and quality production.


Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Industry

Our team of skilled project managers, estimators, engineers, and expert manufactures have diverse experiences across a wide array of industries. We work together, continually building on that experience, to solve complex manufacturing and power system challenges with effective solutions that draw from the best of every industry we work with. Our dedicated team understands the subtle nuances and specific requirements for the industries we work with to ensure the precision production of parts, components, and assemblies that will stand up to the rigors of your industry.


Manufacturing Icon

EK specializes in the efficient production of complex OEM parts and components. Our engineering and manufacturing teams work together to find the most cost-effective way to produce precision parts and components with limited production waste to meet even the most rigorous timelines.

Agriculture Icon

Our comprehensive machining, fabrication, welding, and powder coating capabilities ensure every part or component we design, develop, and produce for agricultural purposes are suited to stand up to harsh environmental elements and repetitive use.

Power Generation Icon

We leverage our complete manufacturing capabilities to produce quality parts and components for our power generation system packaging solutions to ensure every piece of our enclosures, fuel tanks, trailers, and ISO containers meet or exceed customer expectations. Our advanced Power Products facilities are specifically designed to accommodate large-scale, heavy-duty power system equipment with ease and precision.

Oil and Gas Icon

EK’s team of expert manufacturers and experienced engineers work together to develop custom fuel tanks, generator enclosures, transportation trailers, and ISO containers designed to hold up in harsh environments.

Transportation Icon

From cab welding services to precision machining and fabrication, our experienced team of manufacturers ensures quality at the source with every transportation part, component, and assembly we produce, meeting tight tolerance requirements for reliable and durable products, time and time again.

Construction Icon

We understand that reliability and durability are key in the construction industry and actively work to verify quality and precision throughout the design, development, and production of every part, component, and assembly we produce.

Water Treatment Icon

Our team of engineers and expert manufacturers work together to ensure the parts we produce for water treatment facilities are durable, have longevity, and are reliable enough to stand up to repetitive use in tough conditions to keep plants up and running at all times.

Data Icon

As experts in data protection, we work to continuously improve our enclosures and power system packaging products to ensure servers and other data equipment are safe from the elements and human intervention.

Aerospace Icon

Each of our facilities include a wide array of state-of-the-art machining and fabrication capabilities and quality testing labs to ensure every part, component, or assembly we make meets strict tolerance and production requirements. Each and every member of the EK team is trained to maintain personal responsibility for each piece they produce and our quality assurance practices are backed by our ISO 9001 certification.

Healthcare Icon

Our power system packaging products are specially designed to keep businesses up and running, even when the power goes out. Our custom generator enclosures, fuel tanks, transportation trailers, and ISO containers are developed to withstand the elements to keep healthcare systems going, even when traditional sources of power are unavailable due to weather, damage, or human intervention.