We’ve expanded our powder coating capabilities to accommodate large-scale parts and components. The world-class powder coating finishes offered by our continuous powder line can now be applied on parts 8 ft. wide, 10 ft. tall, and 20 ft. long to accommodate larger heavier pieces. Our expert powder coating team is well versed in both the automated and manual application of powder coating processes to ensure all parts and components, regardless of size, are coated to withstand the rigors of their application environment.

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PowderCoating Batch Capabilities

Batch Coating Capabilities:

Our comprehensive batch powder coating system includes:

A wash and iron phosphate booth to improve the quality and longevity of your powder coating finish by strengthening adhesion and increasing its corrosion resistance. Small particles are deposited on particularly smooth pieces to increase surface area for adhesion so the powder can grip it more effectively. This method also helps keep the coating intact in application environments that experience contact or friction. The phosphate adds a secondary layer of protection which is especially beneficial when the final application environment includes salt-spray.

An aluminum oxide blast booth that utilizes an extremely hard, aggressive, high-performance abrasive to clean and prepare particularly hard surfaces and ensure proper pretreatment for the application coating process. This treatment creates a deep anchor or etch pattern to ensure successful adhesion and longevity of the powder coating finish.

A downdraft electrostatic powder booth that creates a perfectly balanced spraying environment by drafting non-pressurized fresh air down from a mounted filter mechanism to gently flow over the work area, into a grate below to ensure optimal spray coverage for parts and components.

A completely programmable automated curing oven specially designed to prevent heat loss and maintain optimal, precise temperatures for an effective and efficient curing process to provide uniform, quality finishes, batch after batch.

Work with EK to give your largest weldments and castings a durable, world-class powder coat finish.




Our carefully calibrated pretreatment process is specifically designed to ensure the long-term durability, uniformity, and reliability of our powder-coated finishes.

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EK’s proprietary application process can be formulated to withstand higher temperatures, elevated salt spray, UV fade, and chemical resistance to accommodate a wide variety of client needs.

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