Reduce Production Time with EK CNC Machining Centers

EK has multiple pallet, high-speed horizontal machining centers that use four-sided tombstones and quick-change fixture plates to minimize set-up time. This efficient calibration allows EK’s manufacturing experts to run multiple operations or parts at the same time. Our experienced machine operators can load, unload, and perform part inspections while the machine continues to work, keeping production time low.

Machining Center Capabilities

Machining Center Capabilities

EK’s wide array of machining centers amplify our capabilities beyond normal manufacturing to incorporate large-scale weldments and complex assemblies. Our horizontal machining centers can accommodate part sizes up to 41 inches in diameter and up to 51 inches in height with a 3,300 lb. table capacity. Our largest vertical machine center has an impressive work envelope of 50 inches deep by 150 inches wide, by 50 inches high with a 10,000 lb. table capacity. Each of our production machines also includes automatic tool changers with up to 180 tool holders.

Our manufacturing experts and state-of-the-art machining centers can mill face to a machine surface to 32 rms and an overall tolerance of .001 T.I.R. depending on stock and size. We also have qualified sources to finish, grind, heat treat, and plate to your requirements.

 Available Sizes:
  • Horizontal Machining Centers: Up to 41 in. diameter and 51 in. height, with weight up to 3,300 lbs.
  • Vertical Machining Envelope: Up to 50 in. depth, 140 in. width, 40 in. height, with weight up to 10,000 lbs.

Hydraulic Fixtures for Increased Efficiency and Quality

Our machining centers also include hydraulic fixtures for horizontal, vertical, and 5-axis that facilitate high-volume production of complex parts. Our manufacturers expertly tool our hydraulic fixtures to ensure maximum machining precision, increase our production output, and eliminate loading, unloading, and ejection times. The addition of hydraulic fixtures to our machining capabilities also lowers reject rates and limits operational sequences to lower overall production costs for our customers. Every area of our Complete Manufacturing facilities has been optimized with the most effective automation, processes, and equipment to ensure maximum quality output regardless of the part or component’s complexity.


Our newest horizontal machining center has a work envelope of 41 in. diameter and 51 in. height where the machine X and Y travels are only 41 in. and 35.43 in. respectively. Work with our project management, design, and engineering teams to ensure your proposed part is compatible with these machining requirements.

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