EK’s advanced powder coating facilities are specially designed to accommodate small and large batches of parts and components for both repetitive and one-off powder coating jobs across a wide range of sizes. From small components to large-scale, complex weldments, our powder coating experts have the experience and knowledge to deliver uniform, quality powder coating, every time.

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Powder Coating Processes

There are two main classifications for powder coatings:

PowderCoating Process One

Thermoplastic powder coating – a thick, flexible, and resilient coating that provides excellent protection from weathering and corrosion. During the thermoplastic powder coating process, the coating material melts and flows as heat is applied but maintains the same chemical composition as it cools into a solid coating.

PowderCoating Process Two

Thermoset powder coatings – a hard and rigid coating that is more resistant to high temperatures and offers excellent dimensional stability, During the thermoset powder coating process, the coating material melts when it is exposed to heat, but, after it’s applied as a continuous film, it chemically crosslinks during an additional heating process. The final coating has a different chemical structure than the applied powder.

At EK, our powder coatings can be strategically formulated to withstand a number of environmental and application factors like higher temperatures, elevated salt spray, UV fade, or chemical resistance.


CM PowderCoating Capabilities Pretreatment

Our carefully calibrated pretreatment process is specifically designed to ensure the long-term durability, uniformity, and reliability of our powder-coated finishes.

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Our world-class powder coating finishes can now be applied on large scale parts spanning 8 ft. wide, 10 ft. tall, and 20 ft. long.

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