At EK, we verify quality throughout every step of the manufacturing process, from material sourcing through machining and fabrication, all the way to finishing and testing parts and components. Each and every person at our facilities are trained to diligently evaluate their own work, monitor their production process, and test for quality. We don’t wait until the product is completed to verify its quality, but rather, build quality into the process to ensure our finished products meet our strict quality standards while meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Testing Inspection

Eliminating Production Error and Waste

We strive to maintain quality throughout the manufacturing process and have active participation with our entire manufacturing team. Each expert manufacturer is responsible for the quality of their output and practice in-process inspections to verify target quality and function are met at every step of the process. Our final parts and components also undergo a rigorous final inspection under the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015. This is crucial to our mission of certifying that every part or component we produce meets our customer specifications.



Our facilities include three main temperature-controlled quality assurance (QA) labs accompanied by several machine operator QA stations throughout our manufacturing areas.

Our Equipment Includes:
  • Wenzel LH87 Coordinate Measuring Machine (X-800mm, Y-1,000mm, Z-700mm)
  • Portable 6 ft. Romar Arms with accuracy up to .002 over full travel
  • Sufficient gauging to support machining, fabrication, and welding operations
  • Several granite surface plates up to 4 ft. x 11 ft.


At EK, we also have the capacity, experience, and equipment to test for characteristics other than dimensional. Our quality team of manufacturing experts is well versed in all aspects of product qualification to meet even the most rigorous requirements. It’s our guarantee that if we are unable to inspect or source inspection to your exact specifications, we will not take on the project.

Additional Characteristic Testing:
  • Temper or hardness
  • Surface finish
  • Pressure or force testing
  • Plating and finish thickness
  • Gloss and color metering
  • Cleanliness, particulate matter deposition after machining
  • Pressure drop/vessel leakage testing
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