Power System Enclosure & Tank Testing

Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do at EK. From our Complete Manufacturing division delivering the individual parts and components for our power equipment packaging solutions to our Power Products team engineering, designing, and assembling our packaging solutions – every team member that touches our product has direct control over its quality.


Putting Quality at the Source

Our teams are trained to put quality at the source, ensuring that our parts, components, and total solutions are checked, tested, and approved during every step of the manufacturing process. While our Complete Manufacturing facility houses three state-of-the-art QA facilities, our Power Products division includes a wide variety of production and application testing practices. Every enclosure, fuel tank, container, and trailer we manufacture undergoes a series of rigorous quality tests to ensure the final product meets or exceeds customer expectations and specifications.


Load Testing

Load testing is one of the best ways to measure the viability and reliability of a generator set. Our on-site load testing equipment and practices ensure our value-added power system products have been integrated effectively and safely. Our technicians will test the complete power system under simulated operating conditions to ensure it is performing to the level required by our clients. Our load tests measure performance and reveal any issues before delivery and implementation, to ensure the final set is functioning at optimal levels.

Acoustic Testing

To help ensure our sound attenuated generator enclosures meet strict local, state, and OSHA requirements, we test for sound levels in our Power Products facility, before the enclosure is approved for pickup or delivery. Using microphones, we test octave bands (frequencies) to determine total noise output. Our tests define the ambient sound and then run the generator sets to determine the total acoustic output. We make adjustments wherever necessary to verify that the enclosure is meeting Level I, Level II, or Level III requirements as needed.

Leak Testing

The quality of a backup power system is only as reliable as the fuel tank it is attached to. That’s why, at EK, we put run rigorous leak tests throughout our fuel tank manufacturing process. From manual to robotic welding checks to assembly inspections, we ensure each of our fuel tanks is leak-free, durable, and protected. Our in-house powder coating capabilities and state-of-the-art welding practices help to reinforce tight seem seels and ensure the longevity of fuel reserves.

Diesel Testing Station

EK’s Power Products facility includes a new diesel hook up testing station to verify our generator sets are capable of hitting and maintaining maximum output. Our skilled technicians use a large-scale, heavy-duty enclosure lift to move our enclosures from the facility to our outdoor testing bay where our team fills and fires each power system to verify its effectiveness. We handle all of the testing and inspection before scheduled delivery or pick up to ensure safe and effective implementation at the destination site.

Natural Gas Testing Station

Our Power Products facility is one of the only power system packaging facilities in the Midwest to include a natural gas testing station for our customers. While many of our customers rely on diesel, several industries use natural gas for their power systems. Using a large-scale, heavy-duty enclosure lift our technicians safely move the encloser set to our outdoor natural gas testing bay and fill and fire the system to ensure it’s running optimally before customer delivery.

Testing Angled Photo