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Production Machining

  • E.K. Machine is equipped with twenty Mill and Turn CNC Machining Centers to accommodate a large range of material and component sizes.
  • Our Machining Centers are designed to allow loading and unloading while running. Each machine is equipped with multiple fixture plates (Tombstones) and automatic bar feed systems for continuous production runs from 25 to 25,000 pieces.
  • E.K. Machine is experienced in aluminum, brass, bronze, castings, forgings, weldments, plastics and powdered metals.
  • Contact us for any or all of your machining needs. We invite you to stop in and tour our entire facility to better understand our full product capability.

Turning Centers

  • E.K. Machine has continuous bar feed Turning Centers with live tooling for cross holes, flats and key slots.
  • Our Turning Centers can accommodate bar stock from ¼ in. to 22 in. diameters and from ½ in. to 12 ft. lengths. The larger diameter components have reduced machining lengths (consult the factory).
  • Close tolerance Saw and Broach Machines compliment our bar stock production capabilities.
  • We can turn diameters and face to a machine surface to 32 rms and an overall tolerance of .001 T.I.R. depending on stock and size.
  • We have qualified sources to finish grind, heat treat and plate to your requirements.

Milling Centers

  • E.K. Machine has Milling Centers designed to allow loading and unloading while running. Each machine is equipped with multiple fixture plates (Tombstone pallets).
  • Our Horizontal Milling Centers can accommodate a part size up to 39 in. in diameter and up to 51 in. in height. Our largest vertical machine has a machining envelope of 35 in. deep, 80 in. wide and 32 in. high with part weight capability up to 1,200 lbs.
  • Our production machines have automatic tool changers with capacities up to 80 tool holders.
  • We can mill face to a machine surface to 32 rms and an overall tolerance of .001 T.I.R. depending on stock and size.
  • We have qualified sources to finish grind, heat treat and plate to your requirements.


E.K. Machine has full-service in-house capabilities to provide a fabricated, machined and finished weldment to your specifications. We laser cut raw stock from sheet or plate. Parts are formed, welded, machined (if required), and powder coated or plated to provide you with a dock to stock bolt-on subassembly to your product.

Our Fabrication department includes:
  • 5 laser & laser/punch combination cutting systems
  • 4 close-tolerance 3, 5 & 7 axis brake presses
  • Tumbling and deburring capabilities
Typical Fabrications:
  • Cabinets / Enclosures
  • Panels / Covers
  • Guards / Vents
  • Mounting Brackets / Plates
  • Frame Rails / Channels
  • Handles / Levers

Laser Cutting

E.K. Machine has laser cutting capabilities up to ¾ in. steel, ½ in. stainless steel, and 3/8 in. aluminum. We can also punch standard cut-outs, raised louvers and extruded holes to accommodate self-tapping screws.

Our Laser Department includes:
  • 2 lasers with autoloading and unloading material handling systems for continuous job flow.
  • 2 lasers for heavier work with plate or sheet size capacity up to 72 in. x 144 in.
  • 1 combination laser/punch machine to louver, emboss and extrude panel enclosure work.


E.K. Machine has close tolerance brake presses to form up to ½ in. x 6 ft. length., 3/8 in. x 9 ft. length. and ¼ in. x 14 ft. length. With proper tooling we can form 1/2 rounds, offsets and larger vent louvers to your specifications.

Our Forming Department includes:
  • 2 medium weight brake presses with close tolerance back gauging (242 ton / 7 axis and 165 ton / 5 axis) to form up to 14 ft. lengths.
  • 2 lighter weight brake presses with close tolerance back gauging (90 ton / 5 axis and 30 ton / 3 axis) to form up to 8 ft. lengths.

Roll Forming

Roll Forming A new Roundo .25" mild steel rated (4) roll full CNC controlled roll.
E. K. Machine has the latest in CNC sheet metal rolling capability with 12 foot capacity; Roll is capable of rolling 7 gauge mild steel 144" long into a 14" inside diameter.
CNC control allows quick set-up with accurate, repeatable rolling. No pre-bend required in most instances. CNC control allows easy programming of shapes such as box, triangle and ellipses with 9" corner radius.
Materials that can be rolled include:
  • Mild Steel
  • Galvanized or Galvannealed
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
Request a quote on your Roll Forming today.

Welding Department

E.K. Machine recently completed a new state-of-the-art welding facility. The department works in conjunction with our fabrication, machining and powder coating departments to give our OEM customer a completed ready to install assembly. All welders are qualified to AWS D1.1 standards.

Our Welding Department includes:
  • 12 manual and wire feed TIG stations.
  • 5 robotic welding cells with a weld footprint of 6 ft. x 10 ft. x 4,000 lbs.
  • Floor mount and portable hanging spot welders for resistance welding of light gauge materials, weldnuts and studs.
Materials welded
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steels

Robotic Welding Cells

When the volume justifies fixture tooling, E.K. Machine offers Robotic Welding when the welds are repetitive and quality and speed are crucial. The complexity of the fixture can vary to hold a simple tacked weldment for finish welding to securing all components in a close tolerance relationship.

Our Robotic Welding department includes:
  • IGM Robotic welding cell with four sets of 360 degree indexing head and tail stocks and a weld arm spanning 22 ft. x 14 ft. x 7 ft.
  • IGM Robotic L-Arm Welding system equipped with two RWM2/250A sky hook positioners and a 6-axis welding robot arm having a 84.21 in. reach.

Manual Weld Stations

Wire Feed and TIG Manual Stations are manned by Qualified AWS D1.1 welders to ensure your products continuously meets your specifications.

Our Manual Welding department includes:
  • 12 Wire Feed 400 Amp Miller welders.
  • 3 TIG Miller Syncrowave 250 welders.
  • Miscellaneous handheld Plasma and Oxy-Acetylene cutting torches.

Resistance Welding

Resistance welding refers to several methods that generate heat to produce a weld by the resistance of the welding current through the workpiece. This process can spot weld lighter gauge materials to one another and weld an array of fasteners, nuts, studs, etc. to a substrate.

Resistant Welders include:
  • Floor mount and portable hanging spot welders for welding of light gauge materials and components to a substrate.
  • Handheld weld guns with autofeed systems for fasteners, nuts, studs, etc.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process using finely ground particles of pigment and resin that are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto electrically grounded metal parts. The charged powder particles adhere to the parts and are held there until melted and fused into a smooth surface coating in a curing oven. Before coating, the parts are cleaned and pretreated through a 7 Stage Pretreatment Process in-line with the coating and curing operations. The powder may be a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer that creates a hard finish which is tougher than conventional paint.

Our Powder Coating Department includes:
  • 1,100 ft. in-line overhead conveyor system to handle part sizes up to 46 in. x 46 in. x 120 in. x 600 lbs.
  • 7 Stage Pretreatment Process
  • Curing oven / Cool down chamber
  • Wastewater treatment systems neutralize chemicals, cleans output water and concentrates solids for disposal.

7 Stage Pretreatment Process

Proper pretreatment of the parts to be coated is critical to support good powder adhesion. One of the most critical areas is laser scale (oxidation produced from laser cutting metal) E. K. Machine uses a phosphate free acidic solution in stage one that removes this oxide and allows the powder to adhere directly to the base metal ensuring paint durability. E. K. Machine closely monitors each pretreatment stage with an automatically computerized titration monitoring system that ensures consistent titration levels.

Our 7 Stage Pretreatment Process includes:
  1. Phosphate free laser scale removal stage
  2. Reverse osmosis rinse
  3. Alkaline cleaner
  4. Reverse osmosis rinse
  5. Iron phosphate cleaner coater
  6. Reverse osmosis rinse
  7. Non-chrome sealer

Powder Coating Process

There are two main classifications for powder coatings: thermoplastic and thermoset. A thermoplastic powder coating melts and flows when heat is applied but continues to have the same chemical composition once it cools to a solid coating. Thermoset powder coatings also melt when exposed to heat. However, after they flow to form a continuous film, they chemically crosslink on additional heating. The final coating has a different chemical structure than the applied powder. Powder coatings can be formulated to withstand higher temperatures, elevated salt spray, UV fade and chemical resistance.

Our Powder Coating Process offers:
  • Computerized color matching.
  • Robotic and/or manual spray application.
  • Thickness and color monitoring.

Inventory Control

On contract, E.K. Machine will establish minimum and maximum inventory stock levels to assure your parts are always in stock and can be shipped to your weekly production requirements. For those less frequent part requirements, we will run up to three month usage and ship over that three month period. This allows our customers to take advantage of higher quantity pricing.
  • Contract stocking programs.
  • Deferred delivery over 3 months.
  • Part Certification to facilitate Dock-to-Stock receivables.

Material Control

E.K. Machine contracts with domestic raw stock suppliers for plate, sheet, bar, tube, castings and forgings. We inventory the more commonly used materials and those required through contracts with our customers. Certification is available for all raw materials used in production.

Materials Processed:
  • Hot Rolled Sheet and Plate up to 72 in. x 144 in., 14 ga. to 3/4 in. thick
  • Cold Rolled Sheet up to 72 in. x 144 in., 16 ga. and thinner
  • Stainless Steel grades up to 72 in. x 144 in., 24 ga. To 1/2 in. thick
  • Aluminum grades up to 72 in. x 144 in., 20 ga. to 3/8 in. thick
  • Round, square, hex and flat bar stock in hot rolled, cold rolled, stainless and aluminum grades
  • Round, square, rectangular mechanical tubing, welded, seamless, cold drawn or hot finished
  • Castings and Forgings up to 1,200 lbs.

Tooling / Fixture Control

Since most parts only require programming of our CNC controlled equipment, tooling or fixturing is not necessary. Tooling and Fixtures are sometimes needed in more complex or close tolerance work. The tools and fixtures are designed, built and qualified at our facility. They are stored, maintained and qualified to meet your requirements for each production run. Tooling can be purchased up front or amortized in the part cost through the first year's production. Quite often, pattern mold tooling is required by the casting and forging supplier. This can be invoiced thru E.K. Machine or directly to the customer.

Typical processes requiring tools or fixtures:
  • Milling and turning of large, irregular shaped and/or close tolerance parts
  • Complex welded assemblies
  • Non-standard punch or form configurations
  • Proprietary non-standard product testing
  • Proprietary cast and forge designs

Quality Assurance

E.K. Machine Co. Inc.'s Quality Policy: "E.K. Machine is dedicated to providing our customers with products that meet or exceed their expectations and to continually improving the quality management system."

The entire E.K. Machine team will adhere to the spirit and intent of this quality policy, as well as the requirements of the Quality Manual and its supporting quality system documentation. Please contact your salesman for a copy of the Quality Manual.

Dimensional Inspection

E.K. Machine strives on maintaining quality throughout the manufacturing process. Active participation with manufacturing personnel and in-process inspection and final inspection under the guidelines of ISO9001-2000 is vitally important to certify that the parts meet your specifications. The plant has three main temperature controlled QA labs with several machine operator QA stations throughout our manufacturing facility.

Dimensional Equipment includes:
  • Wenzel LH87 Coordinate Measuring Machine (X-800mm, Y-1,000mm, Z-700mm)
  • Portable 6 ft. Romar Arm with resolution up to .003 over full travel
  • Numerous calipers, micrometers, height , plug, ring, snap and bore gauges
  • Several granite surface plates up to 4 ft. x 11 ft.

Characteristic Inspection

E.K. Machine has the capability to also test for characteristics other than dimensional. Our quality personnel are versed in all aspects of product qualification to meet your rigorous requirements. If we can't inspect or source inspect to your specifications, we simply won't take the business.

Additional Characteristic Testing:
  • Temper or hardness
  • Surface finish
  • Pressure or force testing
  • Plating and finish thickness
  • Gloss and color metering.
  • Cleanliness, particulate matter deposition after machining
  • Pressure drop / vessel leakage testing

E.K. Power Products

EK Power Products is quickly becoming a reliable aftermarket equipment source for generator enclosures, trailers and UL 142 sub base fuel tanks. At EK Power, we put the customer's needs first. EK Power can offer you and your customer a great quality product while keeping your costs low. We specialize in the speed of which we do business. Many quotes will be done as you wait or within hours. Lead times will range from 6-10 weeks or sooner if possible. We are conveniently located in Fall River, WI, just 30 minutes from Madison and 2 hours from the Milwaukee airport. EK Power Products has assembled a team of engineers, quality personnel, and salesmen with over 25 years experience in the gen/set marketplace.

We also feature standard enclosure packages to ease the ordering process. With our new addition coming in 2008, EK Power Products will be positioned to become the leader in the generator enclosure market.

Custom designs are available for any unique situations that you may have.
At EK Power, we measure our success by our customers' success.

For a quote please contact:
Power Product Sales
EK Power Products
Phone: 262-492-4600
Fax: 920-484-3709
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