We offer robotic welding for repetitive welds where quality and speed are crucial. Because we can use robots to automate the welding process, we can ensure higher accuracy, less production waste, and faster operation. Our robotic welding cells can adapt to a wide variety of parts.

Welding Capabilities

The complexity of the fixture can be as simple as holding a simple tacked weldment for finish welding or as complex as securing all components in a close tolerance relationship. Our state-of-the-art robotic welding equipment can be tooled to move, heat, weld, and clean away metal debris in a single process, ensuring speed and tight tolerance.

Our Certified Operators

Our experienced robotic operators are well-versed in the setup, testing, and operation of our robotic welding cells to help eliminate downtime and enhance production speed. Each member of our team is trained to continually verify the quality of their work and we have robust quality assurance checks throughout our fabrication process to ensure every piece that leaves our facilities meets or exceeds expectations.

Robotic Welding Angled

EK Robotic Welding Equipment Includes:

  • IGM Robotic L-Arm Welding system equipped with 2 RWM2/250A sky hook positioners and a 6-axis welding arm with an 84.21 in. reach
  • Genesis Systems Fanuc Robotics tool length 130” to 296” tool length with 50” to 100” tool swing diameter 19,000lb weight capacity
  • Genesis Systems Fanuc Robotics tool length 120” tool swing diameter 49” 2200lb weight capacity


Manual Welding Icon

Our Wire Feed and TIG Manual Stations are manned by qualified AWS D1.1 welders, to ensure all our products meet even the strictest specifications.

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Resistance Welding Icon

EK’s diverse resistance welding processes can be used to spot weld lighter gauge materials to one another, or to weld an array of fasteners to a substrate.

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Large Weldments Icon

Our Large Weldment Center is specifically designed to accommodate large-scale, heavy-duty, complex weldments.

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